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Who we Support

The Heyanut Centre offers a solution for families with member's who have special needs. We accompany people, especially young people and children with developmental disabilities, those who have been diagnosed with autism or young people with emotional, intellectual or physical challenges.

These families sometimes need temporary support in times of crisis or crossroads in their lives. For example, during adolescence or when leaving the education system. Often, the family goes through a constant and challenging process with the center's staff, at the end of which creative solutions are implemented. The quality of life for the family and the outlook for the future often improves and brings about a monumental change for family members.


Families often experience frustration, distress, isolation, loneliness, and the sense that they are "lost". These families have essentially "fallen between the cracks" and are constantly being transferred between different institutions. At the Centre, these families receive help with all of their needs under one roof.

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