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The Heyanut Centre

«Listening, counseling, psychological help and support to the family»

The Heyanut Centre was founded in 2010 by professionals in the fields of medicine, education and social work and serves as a case manager for young people and families from all walks of life. The team considers each person's family as the most important factor in their life alongside the community.


Working with the family


After a professional assessment of the family, the family develops a work plan with Centre staff. The centre's team accompanies the family in transforming the quality of life for all of its members.  After implementing the solutions, the family is able to become functional once again.

What do we do?


  • Advice and support for families with members who have special needs regarding an array of challenges in the family and in the community. 

  • Mediation, contact, coordination and advocacy for families vis-a-vis government authorities such as the Department of Education or Welfare.

  • Providing creative solutions for people with special needs in the areas of education, social affairs, health and housing.

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