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Our Values

«Love thy neighbor as thyself», as he/she is like you and me!

We see every human being as a whole human being. Everyone has unique abilities and it is our duty as a society to help them develop to realize themselves. The family is the most important environment and has the most significant social and rehabilitative potential. It is important to strengthen, support and accompany the family and to help bring family members out of crisis situations.

The community and society have a very important place in the life of a person in general and of an adolescent with special needs in particular. After the family, the community is the most important social rehabilitation factor for adolescents with special needs. We see people and young people with special needs as the best educators in society.

We believe that every person, and certainly a person with special needs, has the right to develop and to realize their potential in all areas of life, including higher education. We as a society have the duty and the right to allow people with special needs to develop and access all areas of life. We must stop talking and whispering and move on.

We believe that every person has a unique personality and is unique in the world. Every human being has a need for interpersonal relationships, and each person has the capabilities, limitations, experiences, desires, loves, frustrations, visions, and dreams that they wants to realize, and we must help them to realize these dreams.

We believe that it is our duty and our responsibility as a society and as a  community to support and promote each and every individual regardless of their abilities or disabilities and to help them realize these rights as equal citizens.

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