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Our History

The Achla organization (in Hebrew, the initials for "Quality of Life for the Other Person") was founded in 2000 by social, education, treatment and health professionals to improve the quality of life of people with special needs through providing each person with full equal opportunities in all areas of life.

In the early years, Achla launched many projects for young people with special needs in the areas of rehabilitation, leisure, education and welfare. The projects were carried out as part of the Rachel Strauss School, a special education school for 13-21 year olds in Jerusalem. Achla had set up and operated innovative education and rehabilitation programs at the school, including a photo project that has gained recognition in Israel and abroad.


In 2010, the Heyanut  Centre (in Hebrew, the initials for Listening, Counseling, Psychological Help and Support to the Family) was established in Jerusalem. The Heyanut Centre is the only center in Israel that offers solutions in all areas of life for people with special needs and their families under one roof. Cooperation and family responsibility are prerequisites for success. Community engagement contributes to this success and the sky is the limit! The center provides guidance and assistance to the family in meeting community challenges.


Not only do we intervene and offer solutions, we do everything we can to implement these solutions through listening, empathy and mediation between the families and the institutions involved in their care. The goal is to find and implement solutions and to ensure that people's rights are being met.

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