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Seeking advice in Jerusalem                            The service has a symbolic fee

Why should you contact us?

If you feel lost or confused, or seek support, guidance, and advice in all walks of life or are concerned about the future of your relative with special needs, we are here for you.

If you feel like you are not receiving the care that you need, or if you feel that nobody is really interested in your troubles, or if you want to consult or hear a good word, please give us a call. 

Maybe there are creative solutions for your family member that you did not think about? You are welcome to contact us! Do not hesitate! We listen, advise, help, support and guide you until we find the best solutions for your loved ones. We would be happy to meet with you!

Head of the Heyanut Centre

Let's talk and mostly listen


24-hour voicemail in Jerusalem. Please do not hesitate to leave a message. I am Johanan, Head of the Heyanut Centre, who listens to your messages, promises to keep your request completely confidential and promises to contact you soon!

Inquiries by phone: +972 2 650 5276. Good Luck!

Applications can also be submitted via this short questionnaire:

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