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Our Unique Approach

The meaning of the family


We recognise the importance of the family as a main support in the life of a person with special needs. To this end, the employees of the Heyanut Centre learn to get to know the family better. That is why we attach great importance to intensive work with the family.


Building trust and understanding without judgment


For the employees of the Heyanut Centre, it is important that family members, even those with special needs, "come on board". This step is important in understanding the plight of the family and, at the same time, the strong parts that can help bring about the desired change in the life of a person with special needs and in the life of the whole family. In this work, the key to success is building trust between the family and the team. At the center of responsiveness, there is no room for judgment of any kind, only for empathy.

Multidisciplinary team


Achla is the only organization in Israel that uses a multidisciplinary model that supports people with special needs and their families. Our multidisciplinary team ensures a full and deep understanding of the needs of the individual and the family. The team consists of health, education, social and nursing professionals with has decades of experience in helping people with special needs.

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