Johanan Flusser was born in Jerusalem. He graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem from the Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Sciences and has a MA in Philosophy, History and Sociology of Science. He studied at the University of Zurich in the Department of Animal and Wildlife Behavior and worked on the development of a rehabilitative approach in the field of animal care and education.


Fields of employment: Johanan worked for ten years in the computer field at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He served as general secretary and spokesman for Netivot Shalom-Oz, and after graduating from the Mandel School for Educational Leadership, he directed the Melitz Institute in Jerusalem. Later, he directed the Rachel Strauss Special Education School in Jerusalem and founded the Achla organization where he realized a variety of projects for young people with special needs. He currently heads Achla's Heyanut Centre.


The Heyanut Centre serves as a case manager for families with family members with special needs, families in distress and for families who have lost their way. The center's staff accompanies the families, provides creative solutions and implements them in collaboration with the families and various community groups to bring the families back into the community.


Johanan Flusser has volunteered for a number of years for various populations, including older adults and Holocaust survivors, as well as animal rehabilitation. He also deals with meetings between Christian, Muslim and Jews, besides joint religious studies in Israel and Germany.

Johanan Flusser

Head of the Heyanut Centre